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My second virtual workshop—the 2021 class at the University of New Hampshire—was another great success; thank you to all of the students who made 2021's format such a pleasure! UNH 2022 is tentatively planned as an IN-PERSON event, but I'm pleased to be offering a VIRTUAL UNH opportunity in the interim, in February (see below!).

The dates for my 2022 classes at Claremont Colleges (California) are still TBD (if interested, please check back periodically for updated information).

Click on “tool up!” next to each of my classes to review (and, if you wish, order many of) the items suggested for participation in each class.

~ N E W  O P P O R T U N I T Y ! ~

The University of New Hampshire presents 
a Special February Course: BOW REHAIRING
Live 5-day VIRTUAL Workshop with Lynn Hannings

February 7 - 11, 2022 | 10am - 4pm Daily
Tool-up for Course | FMI & to Register via UNH

The most frequent repair needed by string players is Bow Rehairing; learn this critical skill with Lynn this winter!

This essential skill will benefit the student who is interested in building a shop of their own or who wishes to develop skills that will make them valuable to an existing professional shop.


~ T B D ~

J. Brown, Violin Maker,
in association with the
Southern California Association
of Violin Makers, has postponed the
15th Annual Southern California
Violin Maker’s Workshop
Weekly Workshop Sessions

~ Bow Making and Related Issues ~

~ 2 0 2 2  D A T E S ~

University of New Hampshire
Presents its
49th Annual Violin
Craftsmanship Institute:
Summer 2022

Weekly IN-PERSON Workshops

~ Lynn’s 36th encore year! ~

2022 Session Dates TBD

Take one or more sessions!

  • Violin Making
    with Michael Darnton
    Session I: TBD for 2022
    Session II: TBD for 2022
    Session III: TBD for 2022
  • Bow Making and Related Issues
    with Lynn Hannings*, tool up!
    Session I: TBD for 2022
    Session II: TBD for 2022
    [Take one or both weeks.]
  • Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Internationally-renowned faculty
  • Small classes [space is limited to 15 participants per week of each session]
  • Intensive, hands-on experience


*Note: Lynn Hannings and George Rubino alternate the teaching of the Bow Making Workshop each year. This curriculum expansion reflects the French traditional method of bowmaking in its entirety:

  • Lynn Armour Hannings in 2022 with Bow Making and Related Issues: stick/overall design, weight/balance, materials, tips, tool usage, finishing, etc. [During Lynn’s sessions, independent study in bow rehairing, repairing, and making is available; please contact Lynn directly prior to workshop to make arrangements]
  • George Rubino in 2023 with Bow Rehairing and Frog & Button Making / Frog Restoration: frog & button making, tool sharpening, use of the lathe, etc.

Visit the Workshop website for additional information, as well as details on the other sessions offered.

For information and registration materials:
phone (909) 624-0849
email click here to send
visit the website of J. Brown, Violin Maker
J. Brown, Violin Maker
232 1/2 N. Indian Hill Boulevard
Claremont, California 91711

July 11 - August 5, 2022

Take one or more VIRTUAL weeks!

  • Several Workshops,
    One- and Two-weeks Long
  • Violin and Bow; Making and Repair
  • Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Internationally-renowned Faculty
  • Small Classes
  • Intensive, Hands-on Experience
  • On-campus Lodging Available

Lynn Armour Hannings

    • Bow Rehairing
      Week 1
      (July 11 - 15), tool up!
    • Bow Repairing (Bow Repair I)
      Week 2
      (July 18 - 22), tool up!
    • Bow Making
      Week 3
      (July 25 - 29) & Week 4 (August 1 - 5), tool up!
      Lynn teaches from the French school of bow making, renowned for its focus on playability as well as artistic beauty. Take one or both weeks.

    George Rubino

    Visit the UNH website for additional information, as well as other offered classes.

    For information and registration materials:
    phone (603) 862-7380
    fax (603) 862-7381
    email click here to send
    write Violin Institute
    University of New Hampshire
    Professional Development and Training
    Room G50, Stoke Hall
    11 Garrison Avenue
    Durham, New Hampshire 03824