Articles & Such

From time to time, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, and expertise via various outlets—I hope you find something of use here for your own practice.


Strings: Jul 2018 | A Guide to Selecting Your Next Bow: David Bonsey, George Rubino and I each share our advice for your successful search for a new bow.

Link to article, "Saving the Pernambuco Tree"Aitchison & Mnatzaganian: Articles | Saving the Pernambuco Tree: Sarah Mnatzaganian writes in 2008 about the ever relevant issue of Pernambuco conservation, its importance to the bowmaking and music industry, and what we can do to support the continuing efforts of the International Pernambuco Conservatory Initiative.

Johnson String Instrument: Resources | From Horse to Bow: Mary VanClay pulls from a Jan/Feb 1995 Strings article featuring many voices from the trade to answer questions about bow hair—its history, origins, varieties, color, and qualities.

Other Items of Interest

Videoscope Vittellois | Making a bow (Lutherie – Profession of Art and Tradition): This 2003 video (in French) of bow maker Catherine Baroin at work illustrates the authentic French method of bow making as it was taught to me by William Salchow and Bernard Millant.