Other Bows: New and Restored

I feature a variety of bows in a wide range of prices. As always, the highest standard of quality and integrity are maintained in selecting these products. I would never sell anything that I would not perform on myself.

LA fôret conservation bows: reforestation through restoration

LA fôret conservation bows—reforestation through restoration: Together with friend and colleague Amanda Kapousouz, I continue my commitment:

  • to realize the full potential of each bow already in existence by recycling and restoring as many as I am able;
  • to protect our precious natural resources by discouraging wasteful practices such as discarding bows and their components; and
  • to educate by encouraging responsible bow purchasing and maintenance amongst musicians, shops, and the greater musical community.
LA fôret logo stamp for restored bows

I stamp all such bows with the LA fôret logo, include a certificate outlining the work I've done and the materials I've used, and contribute 1/3 of the sale price of each such bow to a conservation program.

Restored Bows for the Advanced Student or Professional: As with the restored bows for the student, mentioned below, there are many high-quality restored bows—in this case, often called “antique”—that are suitable for more advanced, and professional players. This is a great opportunity to experience bows from makers who are no longer with us. These bows are fully restored, with the player in mind. Call for availability.

Restored Bows for the Student: I am a conservation-minded person, so the idea of always buying new student bows doesn’t make sense to me. It creates constant demand for more trees to be cut (now illegally) and supports the destruction of a precious resource. There are many existing student bows that, with careful correction of camber, and restoration (tip replacement, winding and leather changes based on the weight and balance of the bow), are suitable for today’s players. These can provide musicians with excellent bows that are well-balanced and responsive. I encourage all shops to dig through those boxes of bows that were set aside because it was cheaper and easier to hand the musician something new. Reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, is a great philosophy when we consider the ultimate cost of a continuous demand for Pau-Brasil (known to us as pernambuco) and other trees to be cut. The preservation of our forests and the role we can play in supporting conservation, I believe, must be taken very seriously. Your customers will respect and enthusiastically support your ethical and professional choices to do what is right. Call for availability.

New Bows for the Student: I will only purchase new bows from bow-making companies that are actively involved in conservation and replanting. Call for availability.