LAH Bows - Fine Bows

For the professional player and advanced student, a Lynn Armour Hannings bow is a great choice. I create a small number of bows yearly, using old-world techniques. My only advertising is through word-of-mouth from happy musicians. I do not sell my bows through dealers, as I want to get to know the musicians who are purchasing my bows. As a musician, I want to help you find the right bow for your playing needs.

Call for current bow inventory: 1-207-504-4148, or email 


Professional-level Bows: entirely handmade; exquisite

$2,800 - $5,000

The bow shown here is a pernambuco cello bow, with gold mountings.

Advanced Student-level Bows: handmade stick, with machined frog and button — all the playing advantages of the professional bow, without the cost

$1,500 - $2,500

The bow shown here is a pernambuco viola bow, with silver mountings.