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For the professional player and advanced student, a Lynn Armour Hannings bow is a great choice. I create a small number of bows yearly, using old-world techniques. My only advertising is through word-of-mouth from happy musicians. I do not sell my bows through dealers, as I want to get to know the musicians who are purchasing my bows. As a musician, I want to help you find the right bow for your playing needs.

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A Project Close to My Heart in 2021: The story behind my new LH/Karr model


As a young student growing up in New York, I had the pleasure of attending the New York Philharmonic Young Peoples Concerts with Leonard Bernstein. Gary Karr, just 19 years old at the time, was a soloist at one of those concerts, performing “The Swan” from Carnival of the Animals. I had never heard the bass as soloist before and fell in love with the sound. As soon as I was big enough to take bass lessons, I signed up. I had the opportunity to study with Gary Karr while a student at New England Conservatory. His rich sound and lyrical style have been an inspiration to me in my years as a bassist in the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

This year I was approached by a young and talented bassist in Norway, Aaron Olguin, who asked if he could commission me to make a copy of Gary Karr’s most beloved bow. I immediately agreed to this exciting project.

I researched Gary’s bow, reconnecting with him after many years to get all the specs. It is a Bazin French bow stick retrofitted with a German bow frog—very strong, with specific weight and balance to fit Gary’s esthetic and musical style. I have created this bow based on this information and I am finding it extremely popular with bassists who are performing in orchestras as well as establishing successful solo careers. I am calling it my LH/Karr model and making it in deep appreciation for Gary’s great gifts to the bass world and to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Listen to Aaron Olguin (Principal Bassist at Trondheim Symfoniorkester) take his LH/Karr bass bow for a spin.

The LH/Karr bow shown here is a pernambuco bass bow, with ebony frog and button mounted in sterling silver.

Professional-level Bows: entirely handmade; exquisite

$2,800 - $5,000

The bow shown here is a pernambuco cello bow, with gold mountings.

Advanced Student-level Bows: handmade stick, with machined frog and button — all the playing advantages of the professional bow, without the cost

$1,500 - $2,500

The bow shown here is a pernambuco viola bow, with silver mountings.