Who I Am

My bowmaking studio was founded in 1970. I wanted a clean and beautiful rural area in which to start my business—with a great local orchestra in which to perform. Maine has been just the right place to work, to live, and to raise a family. By keeping my business small, I have been able to maintain high quality and build personal relationships with my customers.

- Lynn Armour Hannings

I focus my efforts on six areas:
  • creating artistic and responsive bows of the highest quality
  • selling bows by other makers in all price ranges to meet all needs—from beginning student to professional
  • restoring/rehairing bows for my customers
  • providing “Lynn’s Favorites,” a time-tested catalog of bowmaking tools and supplies, plus a number of other items of interest
  • educating about bow repair, restoration, and preservation
  • supporting conservation and reforestation efforts