Tools & Supplies

When I began bowmaking, I found it challenging to find sources for appropriate, high-quality bowmaking tools and supplies. I spent a great deal of time searching worldwide for the best thread here, the finest and freshest hair there. I have tried to simplify the process for you by providing one-stop shopping for all the products and materials that I have found to be of excellent quality and that I use in my own bowmaking, all in one place. I call this list “Lynn’s Favorites.” I have found skilled craftsmen right here in Freeport, Maine, who are now making a number of my tools and supplies. I am sure you will be as pleased as I am with the quality of their workmanship.
- Lynn Armour Hannings

Thank you, all of my loyal customers, for the continued success of my website! Welcome, those of you who I am meeting for the first time. I am dedicated to bringing you the best selection of my hand-picked bowmaking tools and supplies, including the highest-quality, best-playing bow hair. I call the items in my online catalog “Lynn’s Favorites”—they are based on my now 51 years of experience as a bowmaker and teacher. They work very well and will save you the wasted time and expense of searching for or of purchasing tools and materials that are unsuitable for bow work. Most items listed are imported and thus include the mysterious and often unpredictable duty and shipping charges that can dramatically increase the cost of a package.

Tool & Supply List Updates March 2022 reflect my response to the changing landscape of flora and fauna in our trade; I've discontinued several items for which I'm looking for suitable and sustainable high-quality replacements (please check back periodically). Remember that you can still order a kit for my Bow Rehairing classes! If you want a convenient way to print just the current price list of my online catalog (no pictures), click here. (Download the FREE Acrobat Reader to read and print this PDF file).

Remember that you can always refer to my bow diagram, “anatomy of a bow,” if you need to. I am, however, just a phone call or email away should you have questions.