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From time to time, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas, and expertise via various outlets—as well as those of others—I hope you find something of use here for your own practice.

Items of Interest

Journal of the American Viola Society: Article, Spring 2024 | Pernambuco Update: Time to Take Action! [PDF]: When choosing a new bow or instrument, string instrument musicians are trained to consider the musical qualities of tone, projection, and control. There is a key consideration missing from this list; if we continue to ignore it, it will be at our own peril.

Symphony magazine: Feature Story, Jan 6, 2023 | Into the Wood: In November, global conservation leaders considered new rules covering pernambuco, the Brazilian wood that is used in the bows of stringed instruments, that would have imposed heavy burdens on all trade and movement of the wood—even in existing instruments. The ruling would have been devastating to musicians and orchestras, without creating ways to conserve the wood. But thanks to work by the League of American Orchestras and a broad coalition of stakeholders, new regulations create sustainable approaches to conserving the wood while supporting musicians and orchestras.

BassNotes. | An Interview with Lynn Hannings by Holly Reinhardt: Lynn Hannings is a world renowned bow maker, making bows—especially bass bows—in her studio since 1970. Yet she is also a professional bass player, playing in the Portland Symphony orchestra. She won the Lutherie Prize from the International Society of Bassists for her bass bows in 2011. Hannings is also very passionate about making sure instruments are sustainable, the very reason she decided to start bow making.

LOW B Conference 2023: Artist as Entrepreneur | This inaugural League of Women Bassplayers event provided an opportunity for female bass players to showcase, share, and connect with others globally. With the theme is "Artist as Entrepreneur: our purpose, our challenges, our possibilities," bassists from all over the world shared their stories, skills, setbacks, and successes! Lynn shared her perspective in the following video sessions:

  • Bass Luthier Panel Discussion with Lynn Hannings | Q & A Session
  • All About Bass Bows | Q & A Session
  • PAGE (Project about Gender Equality) Panel
  • The Scroll: Summer 2022 | VSA Members, We Have a Problem! [PDF]: The music trade as we know it is in danger. Lynn  passionately shares not only the challenges we face but also the things we each can do to address them. [Many thanks to The Violin Society of America for the permission to share and post the article here; please continue to share far and wide!]

    The Strad: Mar 2022 | Analysis April 2022: Seeing the wood for the trees: With the Brazilian police ramping up its efforts to combat pernambuco trafficking, Peter Somerford explores what the effects could be on the international bow trade.

    2012 | Bowmaker J-J Augagneur explains everything about making a bow!: Jean-Jacques Augagneur, well known throughout the world for his French and German bass bows' round sound and easy playing, shares insights from his Lyon, France, studio with his son in this short film.

    2018 | L'atelier Eric Grandchamp: Visit the shop of Eric Grandchamp as he crafts a bow in this beautiful, short documentary.

    Shoutout LA: Jul 2021 | Meet Brianna Goldberg: Bow Restorer & Maker: Lynn's UNH student reflects on the unexpected turn her life as a professional double bassist took when she couldn't find anyone willing to work on bass bows locally. 

    Huthmaker Violins: Apr 2021 | Class for the Curious Musician—Lynn Armour Hannings, The Secret Life of a Bow Maker: Lynn Armour Hannings gives a tour of her bow making/restoration workshop and talks about the life of a bow maker, teaching luthier skills and being involved in conservation issues around the bow world.

    Business Insider | Why Professional Violin Bows Are So Expensive: In 2017, a single violin bow sold at auction for $690,000. You can buy a beginner's bow for less than $50, but a top-rate professional bow can often cost thousands of dollars. A bow like this is completely handcrafted by skilled artisans. And just one can take an entire week to make. Even the most subtle differences in the way a bow is made will change how well it plays. So why would someone pay so much for a bow? And what makes it so expensive? Watch to find out!

    Strings: Jul 2018 | A Guide to Selecting Your Next Bow: David Bonsey, George Rubino and Lynn Hannings each share their advice for your successful search for a new bow.

    Link to article, "Saving the Pernambuco Tree"

    Aitchison & Mnatzaganian: Articles | Saving the Pernambuco Tree: Sarah Mnatzaganian writes in 2008 about the ever relevant issue of Pernambuco conservation, its importance to the bowmaking and music industry, and what we can do to support the continuing efforts of the International Pernambuco Conservatory Initiative.

    Johnson String Instrument: Resources | From Horse to Bow: Mary VanClay pulls from a Jan/Feb 1995 Strings article featuring many voices from the trade to answer questions about bow hair—its history, origins, varieties, color, and qualities.